How To Make 2k To 5k Daily Selling Digital Products Online Without...

...Dancing On TikTok, Posting On WhatsApp Status And Facebook, Without Any Social Media Followers Or Begging Anyone To Buy."

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is this program starting or has it started already?

It’s an online program; A set of Video Guides and you’ll gain access once you pay your registration fee and it’s available to you for live.

Anytime you join, you’ll have access to the program and everything promised above.

And you won’t have to worry about missing out.

You’ll be automatically added to the members’ group where you keep getting updates from me.

Plus, if you have any questions, you’ll always get answers by sending a message to the group.

What Type of Products Will I Be Selling?

Simply put, we sell digital knowledge-based products such as courses, ebooks, coaching, training, strategic sections etc.

These products can be yours

Or they can be that of other people.

We’ll also give you the principles we use for choosing and creating winning products,

So if for any reason you don’t want to create a course you will be able to choose and sell other people’s products and make big money from it.

What Are The Steps Involved If You’re To Make 2k to 5k Daily?

Step 1.  Create a course or program of your own (We’ll show you how to create your course yourself and how to use (AI) Artificial Intelligence to do it professionally).

And If you don’t want to create a course you’ll also learn how to Pick a high-in-demand digital knowledge-based product (we’ll give you a list you can pick from) – This is equally a faster way to get started.

Step 2. Set up your sales system as instructed in this program. My ways are unique and it is my little-known secret that has guaranteed my success in the last 12 years. I revealed them in this program.

Step 3. Use the sales and marketing system to start making sales.

Your work majorly is done once, in steps one and two.

and then you can continue to reap the reward for the lifetime of the product you are selling 

spending less than 20 minutes daily just looking through the system.

Your automation system handles the sales

And then all you have to do is focus your energy on spending your money.

You don’t need a physical contact with anyone as it is 100% online,

you don’t need to post on WhatsApp status or dance in front of tik-tok.

With the Paid ad system, we teach,

you can conveniently make 2k to 5k daily with this business models

And one successful sale can easily make you between 2k to 5k profit

And sometimes you can make 2 to 5 sales every day.

Sometimes you earn more.

Like I said, Your work majorly is done once, in steps one and two.

And you can do everything online without leaving your home.

I do not live in Nigeria, can I do this business?

That’s why it’s done online.

You sell online.

and you can have customers from all over the world.

You can set your currency based on your audience.

I use Naira because most of my students are in Nigeria.

You can do this in Ghana, Senegal, the United Kingdom,

Pretty much every country in the world.

You can sell in any language.

What’s important is the knowledge.

Once you have this knowledge

you can implement it in any language and 

in any country.

As such, you don’t need to live in Nigeria to do this.

You can do this from any country you live in irrespective of your nationality.

What if I have a job… Can I do this part-time… on the side?

Yes, you can.

You can set aside weekends, or your spare time at least 1 to 2 hours a day…

But this doesn’t take away the fact that you’ll have to put in the necessary work to make things happen.

My point is even if you’re doing this as a side hustle,

You have to be serious and implement what you learn (even if it’s just a few hours daily for a start…)

Otherwise, please don’t sign up.

Can I quit my regular job for this?

It depends on several factors, 

but the most important one is that you must understand what you are getting into. 

If you are serious and implement what you learn (even if it’s just a few hours daily for a start…) 

I believe you’ll love the result,

As such…

for a start, the wise thing to do is to start this on the side 

And then as it grows big you can quit your job.

How do we get paid… I hope it’s not PayPal?

You’ll be selling online using licensed secure payment gateways that allow you to accept payments globally 

And directly remit them into your local bank account. 

I will reveal to you three of such secure payment gateways, 

and no it’s not PayPal.

What if I am not good at marketing or I’ve never made money online before?

It doesn’t matter.

But just a reminder…

Most of my inner circle members started with zero experience…

Like… they knew nothing about Digital Product business marketing.

And had never been paid a single money to sell for anyone

Yet… today… they are making a lot of money in this space.

Guess what?

They are not any smarter than you…

So if they could use what I share with them to get results…

I’m confident you can do the same…

And who knows…

You’ll probably go on to make more money than some of them.

How long until I start making money?

I can easily tell you within 24hrs of getting this program…

And I have proof to back up that kind of claim.

Some of the proof of results you see on this page are from 24hrs transactions.

But I’d be lying if I said I knew exactly when you’d start making money after you get started.

The only thing I can assure you is:

If you focus on implementing (ruthlessly and patiently) what I show you,

You’ll start making money (…upward of N2,000 to N5,000 per day and lots more… as demand for your products grows) probably much sooner than you expect, even from the first week.

How long do you think it will take me to finish going through the program… before I start implementing it??

I’d say 4 hours… that’s the average time it will take me if I’m starting from scratch…

But then…

What I’ve learned in all my years of teaching is;

People learn differently

So it might take you more or less, depending on your learning speed…

But the good thing is…

Everything inside the Daily Digital Product Cashflow is easy to understand…

So I’d say you can learn at your own pace…

And if you have any question…

Don’t hesitate to ask in our members’ group…

We’ll be there for you…

To provide answers and feedback…

To help you progress until you start to get results (using what you learn inside the program)

This way, you’re getting everything out of the invaluable information at your disposal.

I really want this… but I can’t afford the sign-up fee right NOW, can you give me free …so I pay you when I make money?

To be honest with you.

I have done my best to reduce the price so that almost anyone can afford it.

There’s no nobility in poverty. I’ve been poor and I know what it feels like.

However, there’s dignity in labour.

Especially if you are working with a plan to set yourself free permanently from poverty.

Having said that…

What you can do is either sell off what you’re not using, to raise the money

Or get a menial job you can do temporarily to raise the money

Or ask for help from loved one.

Ask yourself, if this is the last program you have to take before you start to live the life others can only dream of,

would you prefer to let it pass you by or you’ll give it your best shot?

Though I would give it my best shot.

And expect you do the same.

Can I reach out to you Privately…. if I have questions?

Unless it is a matter of life and death.


Please SEND ALL YOUR QUESTIONS to the “members group”

Because when you ask your questions in the members’ group

Everyone else benefits from the answers that follow (either from me… or any one of my students…)

But when you’re reaching out to me privately…

You’re the only one benefitting.

Not good.

What If I don’t want to create a course, can I still make money with this?

Even though I encourage everyone to create their course, 

it’s not mandatory. 

If you don’t want to create a course for any reason whatsoever,

I’ll show you two platforms you can use to pick a product to sell.

And you’ll also learn how to Pick a high-in-demand digital knowledge-based product (we’ll give you a list you can pick from) – This is equally a faster way to get started.

Can the sales and marketing training you teach work for Affiliate Marketing?

The sales and marketing automation system we teach can be used to sell any digital knowledge-based products from any platform

and it works fine for Affiliate marketing 

Because I have used it to make many Affiliate sales also

Below are some of my earnings from affiliate marketing.

As a bonus, I have added affiliate marketing modules to this program so you can learn how to apply the sales & marketing training to sell affiliate products such that you make 2k to 5k daily with minimal effort.

If what you want is Affiliate marketing, I’ve got you covered 100% 

What else will I buy after the training?


This program covers all that you need to know and gives access to the tools required to work. 

You won’t be buying anything. 

Every tool we use has a free version and they work just fine and produce the kind of results we need. 

So, put your mind at ease.

What if you didn’t deliver what you promised, will I get my money back?

Here’s My 30 Days 200% Money Back Guarantee.

As you can see, I’m not just selling you a program.

I’m offering support, giving you plug-and-play templates and ensuring you succeed.

The proof of income you see on this page gives you an idea of just how effective the DDPC is…

I could easily charge N50,000 for this.

Yet, I’m making it available at a ridiculously low price

To make it easily accessible for anyone interested…

To help as many people who need this

And right now, I’m sweating the deal further

…by giving 100% what you pay if you didn’t get everything I promised here.

What you see on this page is what you get.

If within 30 days after you get this program

You discover that you didn’t get everything we promised…

Just request a refund

And you’ll get 100% your money back immediately.

You can screenshot this page for future reference.

Everything you see here today is exactly what you are getting.

I have unshakable confidence in what I teach and give.

And if you consistently implement what you learn, I’m confident you’ll love the results.

If you’re ok with my refund policy…

And you’re ready to get started…

On your path to start making 2,000 to 5,000 daily…

selling digital products online…

And living just the kind of life you’ve always wanted…

With enough money to take better care of yourself and your loved ones… (and prove the naysayers wrong)

Take advantage of this 20k discounted price today…

For how long will I have access to this program (and everything you’ve promised) …once I sign up today?

How does lifetime access sound?

Not bad right?

Hopefully, these answers were helpful…

And if you’re still interested in joining us…

To get all the guidance and support you’ll need…

To become a money magnet generating incomes from digital products…

And have the kind of life you’ve always wanted…

All you have to do is click the orange button below,

I’ll see you inside.