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‘Internet Income Cash Flow (IICF)’’
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Asides the fact it makes you money on autopilot and starts producing brag able results in just under 30 days, it works so well because it is made with a system that is accessible on over 2Billion mobile devices worldwide!

The system I will reveal to you combined Facebook + Web 2.0 + WordPress + WhatsApp to generate the income for you!

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I Have Never Seen Anything Like It…Mrs. Grace. Lagos

People that have used this system to generate income say they are happy how it works. As they don’t have to stress themselves looking for additional programs that leaves them feeling unhappy, and fooled.

Start Making Money…in Just 72 hours or less

The moment you set up the system and turn it on, it starts working immediately, because that is how it has been designed, to actively run and keep running until you are tired of making money and turn it off yourself.

And right now you can:

Raise Millions in Months with This than You Can Ever Make In Years Doing A Normal Job!

And it couldn’t be any simpler…all you have to do is simply put a few works into setting it up and then go about your normal routine. You don’t need to stay on it 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week.

This is how it works:

When talking about generating income using the IICF System all you need is to understand the Maths and it is very simple.

I’ll do my best to break it down for you.

Take for instance you want to raise 1 Million within 30 days.

But you only have 100k.

This is what you have to do.

Now before we move forward, I am assuming that you have the basic implementation knowledge of IICF.

That is you know:

– Sales funnel creation basics.
– Traffic Generation basics.
– Affiliate Marketing or Information Marketing basics.

With the basic knowledge of the above you are good to go.

Now let’s get started.

What you need to do is:

1. Find an affiliate product that converts well and gives you minimum affiliate commission of 15k.

2. Create a basic sales funnel to sell it.

3. Run traffic through your funnel

Then wait for the money.

Here is the maths and the result

Let’s say you are getting a Lead for 85 Naira (remember, our budget for traffic is just 100,000 Naira).

100,000 ÷ 85 = 1175 (Approximately; leads are real people like you and unless you are willing to divide one person into two don’t approximate😃)

Ok back to our maths.

We now have 1175 real interested people in our funnel.

Now, if the Funnel converts ( that’s is, make sales) at 0.02% that will be:

1175 X 0.02 = 24.

Remember, our commission per sale is 15k.

That 24 sales X 15,000 = 360,000.

This maths has been tested many times by me and it always produces these results unless if the product itself have kleg🤔

Now 360k profit from 100k investment, how does that sound.

Imagine you can replicate this weakly, four weeks in a month, that 360k X 4 = N1,440,000.

Minus 400k for traffic and let’s say 100k for miscellaneous Making 500k

1,440,000 – 500k = 940,000 in 30 days.

If you think this is not realistic, it’s ok. I didn’t argue with you.

If you think things don’t always go as planned and you believe you can make even 50% sales of this in a month, it’s fine.

And if you believe this is realistic or wish to try it out, congratulations.

I will be holding an online workshop on IICF this weekend.

There I’ll train 50 people the modern way of going about this same basic principle and how to implement it.

And then give you everything you need to get started.

This Is What You Will Learn In The Training:

How To Create Sales Funnel That Coverts Visitor To A Customer
– Landing page design using WordPress
– How to write funnel copy that will make you rich
– How to link your landing page with WhatsApp for huge conversion
– How to use email Marketing to maximize profit
– How to write emails that grab attention and converts fast
– How to come up with email Ideas very fast without reading a 5000-page guide on email marketing.
How To Get MASSIVE Traffic To Any Sales Funnel.
– How to generate massive traffic using new Facebook ad trick
– How to generate free traffic using loophole left by Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.
– How to get massive website visitors using media platforms
– How to get traffic using Google Adwords
Information Marketing
– How to turn your ideas into a product that will generate huge profit for you.
– How to package your knowledge inform of a professional guide ready to sell online.
– How to research the knowledge so you perfect it and add more if need be.
– How to determine who needed the info you’ve got and can pay money for the guide.
– How to reach these audience in hundreds and thousands every day, even millions overtime and present your guide to them.
– I will share with you the system and templates I use when it comes to messaging the right way.
– I will also show you How to collect your money Both in Naira and in US Dollars and have it Deposited directly into your Nigeria Bank account. This is simple, easy and 100% Risk FREE.
– At times you may not have knowledge to share or have anyone who does, I will show you how to get readymade products you can simply recommend using my Automation System, and get 50, 60 even up to 80% commission from the sales.

What If You Don’t Know Anything Or Have Any Idea to Sell?

– If you think you don’t know anything now, our IICF will show you how to discover your hidden knowledge, such that you can make money from it immediately.
– If you don’t have any hidden knowledge, you can package and sell, I will show you how to discover who does, and make the person share the knowledge with you for free or for the price of plantain chips.
– Then you can package this knowledge as your own, and sell for 100% profit. No jokes. I have done this repeatedly! No Legal issues!
– In this we will show you how to use Facebook to sell your products in 100s and thousands. No hypes. I do that every now and then.
– In this program, I will also show you a Platform that has a Pool of Products You can Use My system to promote.
– If you don’t have any knowledge, you can just log unto this platform, pick one product, and just sell. With this system, you can be sure of getting 50, 60, even up to 80% commission from whatever product you sell from the platform…
– In fact, if you choose to sell from the platform, you don’t need to do any other work as all the work is done for you. Just focus on following my advice and setting up your automation system which I will talk about soon.

You Will Learn The Concept of Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

– How to identify product that will sell out fast just by glancing through it.
– How to a know to the near perfection the kind of people who will buy the product.
– Show you how to sell at least 100 copies of any product within the first 30 days of promoting it and then go ahead and sell as many copies of it as possible.

The System Works!

“And If This Does Not Solve Your Money Problem Between 30 to 90 Days or Less Then Nothing Else Will Help You”

At the very least, after taking this course…

You will be able to Grow Your Business using the strategies discussed.

You will be able Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer.

You will be able to Get Hired as A Digital Marketing Expert because this is Digital Marketing fundamental that rich marketers brag about on the online.

You will Be able to work from home as a freelancer.

Your means of income will have jumped from whatever is now to plus at least 4 more sources.


PLUS…It’s Super Affordable Too!
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